About the Company

Adiidon, is a professional Construction Technology & Project Management service provider founded with a vision “to facilitate quality Infrastructure Development with optimum time and budget through Engineering, Project Management, Research and Training Services”.

Adiidon Construction Technology Company was founded in 2021.

Helping our client to realize the optimum value & quality for their investment in infrastructure projects within the time and budget. And also to bring innovative and cost effective solutions to improve productivity through waste reduction other new technologies.


To become a world class construction technology & management consultant and enable a high quality sustainable construction within the available resources, time and budget.


Provide value creation for our client’s construction through our engineering, project management, and research services by applying innovative construction technologies and project management techniques.

Business Focus
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Power Plant Infrastructure

Kavinkumar S

A post graduate in Construction Tech. & Mgmt. from IIT Madras who worked in Larsen & Toubro as Planning Manager. He has 20+ years of rich experience in Project Management, tendering and project coordination of various Infrastructure projects. He also specializes in business planning & strategic planning.

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How We Serve?

We at Adiidon, follow LEAN Construction Principles and believe in Elimination of Waste in the process. We follow a structured process approach by integrating Total Quality Management. By this we are different from other consultancy firms and able to offer solutions for complex design and project management problems in a simpler way.

We follow a Lean documentation system and adapt modern IT tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Mobile based reporting. This simplifies the duties of Engineers and allows them to focus on work quality.

We have a unique way of Project Management System which differs from conventional systems. We adopt Central Office and Site office concept for working. The central office is equipped with high end design and project management team which develops design and Project Schedules and track on the project based on the inputs from site team. The central Project team focuses on next month activities and the site team focuses on daily activities and prepares Look Ahead Plans for 15 days through LEAN approach. This reduces the work load of the Project site Engineers and allows them on focusing physical activities and thus ensuring the highest quality standard and completion within time and budget.

Our Design team follows strict quality procedures in design. We understand the clients’ requirement through a structured process. Our design team studies the functional process (particularly for industries) and does a process simulation to generate the space requirements. This ideally optimizes space and structure and also avoids future conflicts during manufacturing.

We have provided solutions for Larsen & Toubro and BHEL matching International standards. Our clients are confident to take an Indian Company design and project management solutions competing with International design firms.

We believed in Life Cycle Cost Assessment and Value Engineering rather than estimating Construction cost alone. This approach has benefitted our clients by spending much lower cost during operation and maintenance of their building assets.

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